Mega Brokers has added CSR as an integral and essential element of its strategic planning. We have undertaken responsible initiatives and we are implementing specific policies and actions regarding the improvement of the environment, the society and the people who are not as fortunate as we are.


George Karvounis Award

The George Karvounis award is a prestigious award given by Mega Brokers each year during the annual conference, to honor either a person associated with the historic milestones of the company, or the implementation of a great corporate activity.

George Karvounis was one of the founding members of Mega Brokers and the person who supported Mr. Giannis Chatzitheodosiou at his first professional steps.



In Mega Brokers, as a part of our efforts for a better environment, we actively participate, contribute and spread the value of recycling. In our company all packages that are considered recyclable are transported and placed in special containers and in relevant recycling facilities at regular intervals.

Recycling of plastic bottle caps

At Mega Brokers we have recently gathered 20 giant plastic garbage bags with bottle caps, which are offered to the Traffic Accident Prevention Association “Love for Life”. The caps are collected and given away in order for the Association to offer wheelchairs to children with disabilities. This action has been integrated into our daily routine life with a view to providing as many special wheelchairs to children’s families as possible.

Paper consumption

At Mega Brokers we adopt ecological practices in an effort to reduce paper consumption within the company, as well as for the companies that we work with. These practices apply through the new policies and procedures of the internal audit department aiming to create and standardize paperless procedures. At the same time in all our outgoing corporate emails we have added the message «Please Consider the Environment before Printing».

Voluntary blood donation

Mega Brokers in cooperation with the blood donation center of “Evangelismos” Hospital organizes blood donations to support and strengthen the Blood Bank. The goal and achievement of this action is the creation and maintenance of ‘’Mega Brokers Association’’ for the collection of blood bottles that can meet any future needs of the staff, their families and our fellow human beings who really need it.

Associations support

Mega Brokers strengthens the voluntary non-profit organization “The Smile of the Child” in Athens by placing special money boxes in the workplace of the company’s offices for fund raising. At the same time we urge our affiliates to participate in this fund raising activity by withholding some amount of their fees and by receiving the company’s commitment to double the final fund raising amount.

With the initiative to “Become a Santa Claus” Mega Brokers organized an event that aimed at gathering toys, clothes and food for the children of the ‘’SOS Children’s Villages’’ in Greece. The company’s partners and administrative staff responded with great sensitivity and managed to gather 168 bags and cartons for this purpose.


For several years Mega Brokers supports and strengthens in the form of sponsorship the historic football Academy of Agia Varvara “RES Football of Agia Eleousa “.

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